Saturday, February 25, 2017


Actually, I wish we were in touch much more
than I wish you were here
we always got along so well
when we were not there

words in the phone and in the mail
and memories would never fail
and secrets we would never tell
when we were not there

Honestly, We both wanted to share our lives
without giving ourselves away
we always had the kind of fun
that children have at play

there was always a disconnect
the commitment we would reject
and something that was never done
something we'd never say

and now the memories
comfort me
on long and lonely nights

and days when nobody
is around
to reconcile the fights

no one to make up with
no one to share the kiss
so I remember you
and how we shared a simple bliss

and I wish you were here
but even more
I wish so much

that we
were still
in touch

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